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The logo-mania explodes in the Etro Home Interior Collection.

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In line with the trend that is having a huge revival in fashion all around the world, Etro Home Interiors pays homage to its distinctive identity by designing a series of items featuring the iconic “E” symbol, the initial letter of the Etro logo. Revisited in different materials, shapes and colors, the letter is not just a trademark but a vehicle of meanings enhancing the power of belonging.

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A meaningful sign that is protagonist of the embossed leather of the new Caral pieces of furniture and of the refined embroideries giving shape to the pattern of the new dévoré velvet, one of the iconic fabrics of the 2019 collection.

As a decorative element, the "E" letter signs and seals the quality of the furnishings becoming a meaningful insert enriching the horn inlays of the Aleppo bookcases, small tables and sideboards.

In the Kolkata chest of drawers and night tables, the handle in polished brass with the shape of a double “E” further enhances the pieces emphasizing their strong expressive value.

Finally, the extreme characterization of the logo, in a macro version, becomes a structural element in the Econ line. A series that embodies the essence of the Etro style: elegant, exuberant, emphatic.

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A powerful sign embodying the essence of the Etro style.

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