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An imaginative journey into the heart of ETRO Home Interiors’ universe

Focus On
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ETRO Home Interiors is pleased to present its new catalogue, a sensory visual book representing ETRO’s living philosophy.

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Image after image, capturing the harmony of details, the symphony of the color palettes, the refinement of the fabrics, the pages of the catalogue tell an authentic visual story, aimed at revealing the deeper spirit of the ETRO Home Interiors line.

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As explained by Moreno Brambilla – Jumbo Group’s President and CEO - “ETRO Home Interiors’ new catalogue is a book that represents ETRO’s living philosophy.

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A story made of places, passions, fabrics and shades, the most authentic expression of ETRO lifestyle, where art, creativity and a vibrant sense of the color coexist”.

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Jacopo Etro - ETRO Home Creative Director - sends us an invitation to travel: “We wish to invite you, through the pages of this catalogue, to embark on a sensory journey into the heart of our universe, discovering its eclectic facets along the way.

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Our mission is to share our imagination of a unique living space, in which passion for travel and true Italian craftsmanship complement one another.”

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From Bukhara and Samarcanda to Delhi and Jaipur, ETRO’s journey follows the Silk Road, drawing inspirations and cultural elements from the nomad repertoire to create an intriguing creative universe. But the nomadic mood is also interpreted through an ethnic key, with scenographic pieces representing evocative tributes to Africa and to its tribal cultures.

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ETRO’s journey through space and time also takes different and unexpected directions. As in a Wunderkammer, a cabinet of curiosities, in which to get lost between visions of amazements, ETRO’s multifaceted world presents itself with always new suggestions. Looking at the brand’s roots, for example, we find the Pegasus, the heraldic figure par excellence that has always been a symbol of the brand and that gives life to the mythological trend, a legendary and imaginative mood conveyed trough a selection of furnishings with a strong expressive value.

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We just invite you to browse the catalogue to discover one after the other the countless suggestions of the ETRO world. Enjoy your trip!