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The new adv campaign at Villa Necchi, a Thirties icon in the heart of Milan.

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A cultured and luxurious setting able to enhance the true spirit of Etro Home Interiors collection.

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In the new press campaign, Etro Home Interiors’ unmistakable style meets the bourgeois and refined soul of one of the main Italian artistic and architectural treasures: Villa Necchi Campiglio. The historic residence located in via Mozart, in Milan’s city center, was built during the Thirties by architect Piero Portaluppi on behalf of the sisters Nedda and Gigina Necchi and Angelo Campiglio. Today, this historic house museum protected by FAI (Italian Environmental Fund) appears as a timeless place where you can still feel the atmosphere of the Italian high society in the period between the two world wars.

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A cultured and luxurious setting able to enhance the true spirit of Etro Home Interiors collection. The special contextualization of the furnishings, immersed in spacious rooms muffled by the silence of the beautiful park surrounding the villa, perfectly expresses the mix between classicism and modernity, essentiality and decorative approach that unites architectural space and furnishings. Considered one of the most successful examples of rationalism in Milan, Villa Necchi combines the pure geometric forms of the building with the refined Art Deco style interiors, as well as Etro Home Interiors furnishings blend the linear design of the pieces with the richness of details of the iconic fabrics of the Maison.

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A series of poetic images which enhance the collection.

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The result of this affinity is found in a series of poetic images in which the natural light and the touches of green that penetrate from the garden enhance the original color choices and the unusual combination of different iconic furniture. These include the Woodstock sofa and table, protagonists of a living space inspired by travel and faraway lands and the exotic Caral armchair, wisely located in the middle of a colonial charm reading area. Perfect expression of the "New tradition" concept, which combines a classic soul with a creative and experimental approach, Dalì table and Frida chair make up a refined dining room where the red color palette meets natural and oriental inspirations. More delicate and contemplative, the reading corner created with the Agra armchair and the Krishna table and the dining room dominated by the Arp table: a stunning piece of furniture consisting of a double base with two sculptural elements that recall the yin and yang symbol. In a sublime combination of artistic suggestions and cultural references the press campaign outlines a profound and authentic vision of Etro’s lifestyle, made of color, imagination, creativity and joy of life.