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The Intimate Suite: an elegant and cosy environment.

Focus On
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Iconic pieces of the collection, dressed in neutral shades, celebrate the nomadic spirit of ETRO in a softly sophisticated version.

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The proposal presents a medley of suggestions, styles and cultures imbued in a refined atmosphere, which is generated by the calibrated mingling of the delicate shades of the upholstery – in a colour palette ranging from grey to beige – and dark-coloured wood, such as wenge-stained Carbalho, with its assertive character and ethnic tones.

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The imaginative expressiveness of the ETRO world is translated by the brand’s typical narrative patterns into a new language of lightness and fluidity. Thus, the tree of life, one of the symbolic elements used to develop the storytelling associated with the travel theme, appears on the wallpaper, along with Paisley in its countless interpretations.

In the various rooms of the Suite, the accent lays on the iconic nature of the furnishing pieces. Launched in 2021, the central element of the office area is also the first desk of the Interiors line. Akbar is a writing desk of austere lines, embellished by the presence of characteristic elements such as the Paisley fabric in the colour of hide leather, typical of ETRO’s leather goods, which lines the side pocket, the drawers and storage compartments.

The desk is perfectly coordinated with the Hamar chair, which combines the natural inspiration of Viennese cane with recollections of Africa: the frame in dark wenge-stained wood with a matte finish and the polished brass rings recall the tribal jewellery of this continent.

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The living room is separated from the bedroom area by the Woodstock daybed, upholstered in contrasting plain-coloured velvets and matching silk tassels. The protagonist of the bedroom is the spectacular Timgad bed, whose name evokes the splendour of an ancient Algerian city, the elected backdrop of a story in which exotic inspirations encounter the intrinsic sartorial vocation, art and expert craftsmanship of the brand. Characterized by an impacting cane headboard in a new shade of soft grey, the bed is fitted with mobile panels equipped with a fabric covered reading lamp, with the further option of inserting shelves with compartments and clothes hooks, to create a personalized environment. With its stand-out elegance, the new 7-drawer chest of the Kolkata line is leather-upholstered in a subtle shade of greige and embellished by brass drawer pulls and decorative details.

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