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The new collection between nomadism and mythology

Focus On
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Iconic fabrics, scenographic designs and a bold color palette: an eclectic collection which tells a nomadic fable, between myth and legend.

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On the occasion of the 2019 edition of Milan’s Salone del Mobile, ETRO Home presents the new Interiors collection within Jumbo Group’s exhibition space, located in Hall 4 xLux.

A selection of furnishings with a strong expressive value showed with a scenographic set up expressing the mood of the 2019 edition. The central fulcrum of the exhibition space is a large Tree of Life, a symbol of fertility and origin of the Paisley pattern.

Four spectacular settings to enhance the brand’s eclectic soul.

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The nomadic theme is expanded in an ethnic key and it is presented in the warm colors that recall the dry lands of the savannah, in the shapes reminding of traditional African masks and in the use of exotic and natural materials such as horn, Vienna straw and different woods. The journey through time and space also takes a mythological direction: protagonist of this theme are the Pegaso and the symbolic arrows and lightning bolts that give shape to image-filled furnishings. The use of iconic fabrics and designs, such as the Paisley and the dévoré velvet with a pattern recalling the initial E of the ETRO logo, further enhances the collection emphasizing its strong expressive value.

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A scenographic and eclectic collection embracing infinite inspirations

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