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Intimate Escape: ETRO Home Interiors new catalogue

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An engaging story that reveals the innermost spirit of the brand’s new collection.

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Intimate Escape represents the ETRO concept of everyday living – a new and surprisingly captivating interpretation of the Interiors line, in which harmonious details, refined materials and the fine balance between contemporary elements and cultural accents steal the scene.

Set in a modern residential context surrounded by greenery, the catalogue presents three living areas, two comfortable bedrooms, two cosy dining rooms, a home office, an outdoor space and a poolside relaxation area, for a complete lifestyle story.

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The catalogue invites the reader to succumb to the seduction of the intimate, sophisticated and all-embracing atmosphere of the new “espace de vie” - a refuge in which to cultivate one’s passions.

The perfect backdrop for the furnishings of the Intimate Collection by ETRO Home Interiors, which become an integral part of an unconventional lifestyle.

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Wanderlust, fashion and refinement mingle harmoniously.

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Furnishings and garments in neutral and refined colour palettes celebrate the nomadic ETRO spirit.

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Iconic fabrics, evocative patterns and exotic accents are enhanced by the presence of plants and flowers, which bring with them a strong yet relaxing waft of freshness, contributing to create a domestic oasis of peace and magnificence.

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