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Exotic inspirations and experimentation in the new ALEPPO line

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Unique details showcase the wonders of discovery

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The suggestions from faraway cultures and the ability to experiment by combining new materials and new processing techniques are two features that have always distinguished the Etro Home Interiors world. In the 2019 collection, these trends can be found in many elements: from the use of new wood essences, to the horn inlay decorations, up to the new patinated spatula finish, able to lend a rough and exotic effect to the surfaces on which it is applied.

This new patinated finish is treated manually on the surfaces by scraping them with a notched trowel first in one direction and then in the other at free breaks. In this way the reflections are enhanced and the surface obtains an irregular effect that recalls materials and finishes of exotic inspiration, without however losing the luxury matrix given by the brilliance of the material.

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This special finish is particularly relevant in the new ALEPPO line, including small tables, dining tables, bookcases, sideboards and tv holders in which the contemporary design is highlighted by the combination of materials and decorative finishes.

In the structure, the spatula finish applied on the glossy dark wengè wood lends the furniture a rough effect that perfectly blends with the presence of the horn inlay that recreates a mosaic pattern, reference to the decorative theme of the Mesopotamian world. The suggestions of faraway lands are found also in the different fabrics that upholster the drawers of the small tables, confirming the ethnic spirit of the brand.

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Confirming the ethnic spirit of the brand

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