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The Intimate Suite: discover the new bedroom.

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Nomadic spirit and natural inspirations: Caral night tables are realized with Carbalho veneer, Vienna straw and paisley handles in polished brass.

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A refined allure, exotic details and a delicate colour palette are the salient features of The Intimate Suite, the new home environment of ETRO Home Interiors comprising a bedroom area, a living space and an office.

The protagonist of the bedroom is the spectacular Timgad bed, whose name evokes the splendour of an ancient Algerian city. Characterized by an impacting cane headboard in a new shade of soft grey, the bed is fitted with mobile panels equipped with a fabric covered reading lamp, with the further option of inserting shelves with compartments and clothes hooks, to create a personalized environment.

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Available in two different shapes and sizes, Samarcanda pouf is a versatile and functional piece of furniture able to fit into any environments. The bamboo canes legs, natural elements re-interpreted in a precious version with shaped polished brass, combined with the elegant touch of the upholstery with ethnic inspired fabrics of the ETRO Home Interiors collection, create a pleasant mix with a bold personality.

With its stand-out elegance, the new chest of drawers Kolkata is leather-upholstered in a subtle shade of greige and embellished by brass drawer pulls and decorative details. The dressing table of the same line is a decorative piece of furniture with a mirror with golden nails on the borders and greige leather upholstery.

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Woodstock bench is a comfortable and original piece of furniture imbued with Ottoman and North African traditions.

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