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An intimate and eclectic living room

Focus On
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A mix of atmospheres recalling faraway lands

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An intimate and eclectic living room where love for beauty and wanderlust coexist, giving life to a unique atmosphere recalling faraway lands.

Just like in the Ceylon sofa and armchair. The wood structure that acts as armrest and backrest, curved outwards to recall the traditional colonial furnishings, is upholstered with the new Selva fabric, featuring a naturalistic print with intricate fragments of Oriental jungles. The seat cushions are upholstered in nubuck in a new ice colour, in line with the soft and refined mood of the collection.

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The other furnishings in the living room offer a medley of suggestions imbued in a sophisticated charm, generated by the calibrated mingling of the soft shades of the fabrics and the dark-coloured wood.

Shah is a welcoming and evocative armchair that celebrates ETRO Home Interiors’ eclectic soul: in this version it is upholstered in velvet, in a soft green hue. Bold and distinctive, the Palmira modular bookcase plays with the combination of the polished brass finishing with the warmth of the Carbalho essence to create a dynamic ensemble. The light structure and slender lines make it perfect as a room divider.

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Vibrations of light and Zen spirit

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