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A “One Thousand and One Night” tale

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A warm and embracing atmosphere conquers the ETRO Home Interiors collection

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Splendid fabrics, precious inlays, multicolored trimmings: the warm and embracing “One Thousand and One Night” atmosphere conquers the ETRO Home Interiors collection, in a selection of furnishings with exotic charm.

Considered the most famous collection of short stories in Arabic, "One Thousand and One Nights" is a collection of stories of remote Indo-Persian origins that has greatly influenced the Western imagination. Set between Iraq, Iran, Morocco, Egypt and India, the stories, with their oriental airs, have given life to an entire narrative universe that has inspired, over the years, not only art and literature but also cinema, fashion and the world of furniture and interior design.

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Expression of a deep and authentic passion for travel and distant cultures, the ETRO Home Interiors collection gathers inspirations, atmospheres, colors and materials from the world of the “Arabian Night”, recreating a magical, fairy-tale space which sees as main protagonist the Amina line, consisting of bed, armchair and sofa. The backrest that recalls the Persian and Arab domes, the chromatic palette played on intense shades, such as the pink and blue of the velvet with contrasting piping and the precious multicolor trimmings are the main features of the pieces of furniture of the line.

But the arabesque suggestions are found scattered almost everywhere within the 2019 collection, as in the new version of the Woodstock sofa, this year presented in a modular version without feet, whose mattress configuration recalls the "Majlis" environments - literally "place where you sit" - belonging to the Arab tradition. Or in the warm tones of the fabrics and materials, such as the Eramosa marble used for the top of the Dalì table, which recalls the infinite shades of beige of the Middle Eastern deserts.

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The arabesque suggestions are found scattered almost everywhere within the 2019 collection

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