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A new collection inspired by wanderlust and a thirst for adventure.

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A Home Interiors line with all the style and quality hallmarks of Etro's iconic designs.

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On the occasion of Milan’s 2018 Salone del Mobile trade fair, Etro presented its new Home Interiors line, developed in collaboration with Jumbo Group: an exclusive collection of home furnishings with all the style and quality hallmarks that Etro is famous for. The furniture itself is characterised by elegant, linear designs, and the upholstery and soft furnishings boast highly prized fabrics featuring Etro’s already iconic designs. A single collection exhibited in four distinctive scenes “dressed” in the unmistakeable style of the brand, known for its creativity, eye for colour, and attention to detail. Born of the extraordinary craftsmanship that Made in Italy is famous for worldwide, this collection is the perfect expression of the “new tradition” concept, which unites a classical heart with a creative and experimental skin.

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The “Storia nomade” design is that which most closely reflects the heart of the brand, inspired by hints of journeys to foreign lands and the exotic hues and patterns of India and East Asia. The full power of symbolic language is harnessed in the knowledgeable use of fabrics: a keystone of this design is paisley, a decorative motif from ancient Mesopotamia whose shape recalls date palm shoots and the birth of new life. An alternative but complementary interpretation is the second design, “Pattern overdose”, which is inspired by the psychedelic ’70s. The Summer of Love, a call for freedom, creativity and the discovery of self, is expressed in a profusion of intense colours and fantastical patterns. Every journey begins in the depths of the soul, and spirituality and introspection are the themes underlying the “Trascendente” design, which is characterised by an ethereal and luminous mood reflected in the pale but iridescent hues of the furnishings. The same themes are further explored in the “Paradossale” line, in which the soul of the brand is expressed in an erudite but ironic and surprising way. In this design, Etro’s elegance and spirit of innovation is interpreted with an extravagant and playful twist that is sure to delight those in the know.

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A single collection exhibited in four distinctive scenes “dressed” in the unmistakeable style of the brand.

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